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Barium Carbonate Powder/Granular

Barium Carbonate Powder / Granule

Chemical formula: BaCO3
Molecular weight: 197.35
Bulk Density: 0.40 g/cm3 min.

Appearance: White powder, Soluble in acid,
Insoluble in water, Poisonous

Typical Analysis:
Purity: 99.20% min.
Moisture: 0.30% max
Total Sulphur as SO4: 0.30% max
HCL Insoluble Matter: 0.25% max.
Iron(Fe): 0.004% max

Packing: 25kg/1000kg Plastic Woven Bag

Uses: Manufacture of special glass (glassy shell of video picture tube), construction materials, ceramics, magnetic materials, various barium salts; also used as chemical reagent, etc.


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